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rk_italia: Info in English for Non-Italian Peeps

Being an Italian community, the comments by the posters in almost every entry (and of course the comments) are written in Italian - however the basic, meaty info (that means, Twitter stuff, articles, interviews, etc) are of course in English, and we always include sources. We just add the translations and that's it. Plus, we're such anglophiles that oftentimes we just skip the Italian and write something pseudo-witty in English :D

So, if you're willing to skip the small parts in Italian, you should do fine ;D And of course, you can freely comment in English (and Spanish too!) since everyone here understands it (it's the written part that gets tricky for some LOL).

Now, here's the translation of the info page, there's a short description of each of the mods and the boring rules:


Who We Are.
This is our message, this is our contribution to humanity! The Random and the Shroom, but not the hallucinogenic one. Robsten, Random and Shroom, our trinity, amen. If you like talking about these two hobos, about the randomest .gifs and everything that concerns the human existence, then this is the right community for you.

bea_is  - Mystical Force of the Sect, when she appears there's jubilation in every heart. According to the Guru, the ether is in her (whatever that means). Eternal enemy of the keyboard, bitches constantly, has reinvented the Italian and English vocabulary, creating her personal Merriam-Winnster. Forever an optimist, is able to convert every news in BAD news. Her motto is the ubiquitous "fail", called also Our Lady of Nothing, .gif and Youtube wizard, has corrupted several times the impressionable mind of the poor italianchick, with Youtube stuff like the Yes Dance and the Christian Bale Remix.

silvian_rk  - Mind Corrupter of the Maidens of the Sect. Expert in sexual double entendres, first friend of the wee Pattz. Affirms she personally knows the wee Pattz, but the others strongly doubt. Comic manqué (thank God), realist and break-even point of the Sect. Beloved auntie of theitalianchick, official and loyal basher of toncit, reader of fanfiction, addicted to McDonald's and Burberry.

theitalianchick  - First pupil of silvian_rk, asks the Great Questions of Life that nobody has an aswer to, fact that leads her to take refuge in the virtual world, which doesn't have any secrets for her.  Has a random and potentially twisted personality. In her long Internet wanderings has come across, unluckily for her, in Ashley Greene's pussycat and her life changed since, thanks also to the the  recto-vaginal exam found with Google. Founder of the Sect, in it she is the niece of silvian_rk.

jes_k  - Artistic Mind of the Sect, is married to Photoshop, which allows her to produce icons, images and layouts. She's a loyal supporter of the perverse, and is the italianchick's favourite mate in their frequent NC-17 mind trips. For unidentified reasons, her mind age is 40 (anagraphically, 23 years less). She's the zen soul of this madhouse, believes in karma and has a sincere and purposeful personality. Has, like sister bea_is, keyboard problems, whose nature remains unidentified.

lise83  - Our Lady of Dates and Numers, woman of the perpetual anathemata, coiner of unforgettable and untranslatable slogans, for a trauma due to the recent discovery related to the Hobos, has gone from an everlasting dreamer to a qualified curser. Sweet lover of Taylor Lautner and Michael Angarano, has innumerable loving epithets for the pair. Queen of Fanfiction, shares this passion with silvian_rk.


1. This is a  community dedicated exclusively to Rob&Kris, i.e Robert Pattinson e Kristen Stewart (and to the Force of Randomness). Therefore, if you post stuff regarding funfairs, holidays, your favourite football team, etc, IT'S NOT GOOD. Everything that concerns them is highly welcome and appreciated, though :D (That being said, we won't deny that SOME of the mods love posting random stuff, but there's a time and place, okay?).

2. No srs bsns, that is, no seriousness. Don't try to put into words those schmaltzy, all-consuming feelings that you may feel towards their relationship (or worse yet, towards Bella and Edward's), don't panic if 'something' happens (because, srsly, let's repeat together, THEY'RE A COUPLE, THEY'RE A COUPLE, THEY'RE A COUPLE),  don't bring your home drama here, in short, let's enjoy ourselves and lol. Bring on the humor and any homosexual tendency towards the Stew.

3. Insults against one of the two ARE NOT accepted. Moreso, a brutal crusade will be unleashed against anyone who may soil them, especially Kristen. That being said, we'd also like to clarify that this  community isn't exactly pro-Nikki, and that it's divided into two camps regarding Angarano so be nice to Mike.

4. A couple of (boring) basic rules:
              - a. Tags. Every post must be tagged with the already existing tags. This allows everybody to find
                     similar posts more easily.
              - b. Sources. If you post news, be sure to add a link to the source you have taken it from.

If you have any doubt or you want to ask something to the mods:

If you're new on Live Journal and you have no idea how to post, there's a Tutorial:

To know how to join the community click on "Membership":

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